“I left with a full heart, a nourished body and an inspired mind. Sharing perfect food, moving stories , and genuinely celebrating, learning from, and enjoying each other's company raises each and every one of us. These evenings are as elegant as they are important.”

  —Christine Price Clark

"When I look back and reflect on my previous experiences with Feisty Feast, what comes to mind is how beautifully curated, unique and special these gatherings are! At the heart of Feisty Feast is Julia’s dynamic, creative spirit where it vibrantly comes to life through her love and passion for food, cooking and bringing like-minded individuals together in one remarkable space. I cannot say enough of how gifted Julia is! Her vision taps into new, imaginative ways of exploring food and culture and what I love most about it all (besides the food!) is the shared sense of community, authentic conversation and experiencing the true magic of the feminine spirit at the dinner table with a nice glass of wine."

—Stephanie Varasteh

"Julia is a masterful chef, host and inventor of creative culinary magic. I've been to a few Feisty Feasts and every time I am blown away by the originality of the menu, the warmth that exudes from Julia herself, and the entire experience she curates. Julia's vision translates through the quality of her food, the quality of the guests and the quality of the speakers. She works 110% to push herself to meet new challenges each time, and totally succeeds. Keep an eye out for this one."  

— Polina Bachlakova

"Feisty Feast is not only a delectable dining experience but it showcases some of the most diverse and inspiring topics from polyamorous relationships to surviving cancer with the power of juice. Julia not only brings her creativity and attention to detail to the menu design, making the vegetarian meal robust enough for carnivorous appetites and themed to suit the speaker of the night; but has curated an event that empowers, connects and inspires - truly highlighting women's unique voice. This isn't your regular hidden kitchen concept, Feisty Feast will satisfy your culinary palette and fuel your intellect and soul." 

 —Evelyn Sum

"I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few Feisty Feasts and each one has been so unique and inspiring. Julia is meticulous in creating the most memorable experience for her guests; everything from curating an original menu to having a gorgeous table setting, down to the right music - her creative vision comes to life with each event. What is particularly special about Feisty Feast, apart from the food, is the opportunity to dine with a diverse group of women. Once dinner is underway, the guest speaker for the evening starts off by sharing their own personal journey, and that openness invites others to share and connect."

 —Chelsea Ghini